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Blazer | Pants | Shoes | Sunglasses

Have you ever had an outfit make to make you feel like a boss? Like a bonafide boss? Well this one made me feel like the biggest boss ever! It was love at first sight when this suit dropped on Eloquii! Who wouldn't be obsessed with a ruffled sleeve blazer!!! Sorry don't mean to yell, but this is the type of fashion that really gets me excited. The ruffles on this blazer are the perfect detail to take an item from a basic piece to a piece of art.

When I put this on I felt like a street style star on the way to a show in Paris, or like I could conquer the deal when I walked into the boardroom. The blazer is also super easy to mix and match with jeans. Sigh... Would y'all noticed if I wore this everyday? Okay I guess you would. As far as fit goes, I got a 20 in the jacket and a 22 in the pants which are my normal Eloquii sizes.

This suit has been sitting in my closet waiting for them to get it back in, but it's still a waitlisted item. But I can't say enough that if you're interested get on the waitlist. I love that Eloquii restocks items that are in high demand.

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Top | Skirt | Shoes-Old(Similar) | Sunnies | Bag-Vintage(Similar

I'm pretty sure you've read enough Victoria Beckham for Target stories to fill your quota for the year, but I hope you can read just one more! I've seen and read a bunch of interesting commentary about the collection over the past few weeks. People either absolutely loved it or hated it and I can honestly say that I for one loved the collection!

I was In being honest I purchased  13 pieces from the collection and kept 10 of those.  Being no stranger to shopping Target collections, half of the excitement for me is the shopping. When I found out my local store was carrying the plus-size collection my excitement and planning went into over drive.  I went in with a plan for how I wanted to shop. I joined forces with Pepper of Pretty Plus Pep in creating a strategy to make sure we got the items that we wanted. Pepper and I spent the night across from the Target, and made a slumber party of it. That was the most fun I have had getting ready to shop! I wasn't sure how this collection was going to go, cause I've been on the other side of selling out and that wasn't happening to me this time!

Even going in with a plan, there were still a few surprises thrown in for me. One was I fell in love with a few pieces that I didn't expect. This skirt was defiantly one of them. When I was in the dressing room, I saw it on another customer and ran out to grab myself one. In person the fabric was so amazing and it fit so well I couldn't leave it on the shelf. Honestly it looks like it cost way more than it actually did. The other surprise is that those 3 pieces that I returned were in my top 5 list of things I wanted, but unfortunately they just didn't work for me.

I purchased a 3x in all dresses, 2x in tops and a 26W in pants. I do have to have some alterations done to the bust of several of my dresses. They were cut on a larger bias than I expected.  I have a bigger mid-section so I always purchase for that and get it altered. I got this skirt in a 26W and probably should have done a 24W, but I had the waist taken in and that fixed my problems with the skirt. This look was honestly my absolute favorite thing I purchased, which is surprising since I had no plans on buying any of it.

I hope Target continues to put plus-sizes in stores, I hope they expand it and put them in every store! I had soooo much fun shopping with my fellow fashionistas, in store. And everyone women deserves the shopping experience!

Did you buy any pieces from the collection? There is still some online. Below are a few of my favorite pieces! Also my friend Gavyn from The Curvy Cutie did an amazing Haul, you should check it out!

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T-shirt & Culottes C/O Roaman's | Jacket-Old (Similar here, here and here) | Shoes-Old (Similar here and here) | Bag-Old (Love this one)

To say last week was a cluster is putting it mildly. Emotionally I was all over the place, it's busy season at work, and I constantly felt like I couldn't get myself together. I also looked like I couldn't get it together. Even worse I looked like I couldn't I get it together. Thanks a lot Mercury, I really can't wait until you move out of retrograde! Very quickly I made a deal with myself to submit to the unexpected feelings of being overwhelmed and just make it through the week. Often when we give ourselves permission to acknowledge our feelings we alleviate the pressure that is weighing us down.

As the weekend approached I made a conscious decision to try and turn my week around. I still had to work all weekend, but I lowed down and tried to enjoy what was going on around me. I also put a bit of effort into what I was putting on for my weekend adventures. My moods dictate my wardrobe 9 times out of 10, so when I don't feel good putting forth a fashionable effort pretty much flies out of the window. Since my mood was on the rebound I knew I wanted to put more effort into my weekend wardrobe.

Alabama is in the thick of the spring, having the ability to shed these winter layers makes me so happy! This distressed t-shirt and culottes from Roaman's made the perfect weekend look. I added my studded military jacket, leopard shoes and red back to top off the look. After I was done with work, I was dressed perfectly to go from place to place to place in the city.

When Roaman's asked me to partner with them this spring, I was super curious about how there style had changed, and it's definitely changed a lot. When I was a teen they were one of the few places that was available for me to get elevated basics. While that hasn't changed, they have so many fashion forward pieces. I have had so much fun styling them, can't wait to share them with you. For you my dear readers Romans has a code for you to get 40% off your highest item "RDJENIESE40".

Is anyone else having a rough month? When I posted about it on IG so many people said they were..

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* Thank you Roaman's for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own.

Dress | Shoes | Sunnies 

As soon as the first sign of Spring hits I start shopping for new dresses. For as long as I remember I've always been a dress girl and you can thank my Mom for that. Her emphasis on being appropriately dressed for every occasion has stuck with me. I also like the lightness that I feel when I wear a dress, it's symbolic of shedding the heaviness that you carry with you all winter.

As I was doing my daily comb through of ASOS, I was instantly obsessed with this dress! I honestly haven't found much on there that I have loved in the past few months, but this broke that spell for me. The structured ruffle neck, the stripes and the colors were a home run for me! I stepped out of my box and paired this with navy shoes to bring out the darker stripes in the dress. Sizing wise I bought a 20, ASOS runs big in my opinion. I'm so glad I did cause it fits perfectly.

Below I've included a few of my favorite picks from ASOS Curve spring collection! And they are having a buy more save more sale right now!  So it's a great time to shop!

What clothing do you look forward to wearing when the weather changes?

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